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Suda Parimala Ravindran


Department of Marine
Visiting address
Laboratorievägen 10
45296 Strömstad
Postal address
Box 461
40530 Göteborg

About Suda Parimala Ravindran

 My general research interests lie in understanding how organisms adapt in natural populations. I am interested in understanding genetic divergence at both regulatory and sequence level. I am also interested in evolutionary histories of populations and species.

Here in Tjärnö, I am interested in understanding how snails (Littorina saxatilis) adapt themselves to contrasting habitats on the Swedish west coast. For this, I use population genomics approaches to identify candidate genes that shape local adaptation at both regulatory and sequence level.

I also work with brown algae (Fucus) to understand the origin and evolution of clonal lineages. I am also involved in the demographic reconstruction of brown algae, particularly of the F. vesiculosusF. radicans complex from the Baltic Sea coasts, to understand the geographical origin and mechanisms responsible for these two ecologically divergent taxa.

You can find my published work here: