Sidra Gulzar

Doctoral Student

Department of Historical
Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Sidra Gulzar

I am Sidra Gulzar from Pakistan. The area of my interest is study of ancient civilizations, Urbanism and ancient trade and economy. I like traveling and exploring the new things. My aim is to become a well known Archaeologist of the world by exploring new ancient sites and introduce latest techniques in Archaeology. I have started my PhD studies from September 2011 and expected to finish before July 2015.

Ph D project

Ganweriwala: A regional Analysis of Indus urban centers and Political Economy of Harappan Society

Indus valley civilization is world´s largest political denomination which is known of its splendor vast cities like Moinjodaro and Harappa. Indus valley sites widely spread in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Pakistan is very important country regarding the urban phase of Indus Valley Civilization. Now Archaeologists are dealing with five major urban centers of Indus Valley from which three are situated in Pakistan Moinjodaro, Harappa, Ganweriwala. One of the very important and hot debated issue is the discovery of “Ganweriwala” city in Cholistan region. Cholistan desert is situated in Bahawalpur district and is a rich area of unexplored Indus valley sites of all period of Harappan civilization. The subject of my Ph.D research is a totally neglected ancient Indus valley site “Ganweriwala” which is nearly equal in size with Moinjodaro and Harappa. My thesis will be a contribution in rank size analysis of major urban centers of Indus Valley, Inter regional connections of urban centers and similarities and differences of recovered material from “Ganweriwala” both with Harappa and Moinjodaro.