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Shawanda Stockfelt

About Shawanda Stockfelt

 Shawanda was born in Jamaica where she completed her first degree in Psychology at the University of the West Indies (Mona campus). After a brief period in Sweden where she taught psychology and philosophy at an international high school, Shawanda moved to England to pursue a master’s degree in Educational leadership and Policy Development at the University of Bristol. Upon completion of her masters, she was awarded the University of Bristol scholarship to pursue a doctorate at the School for Education. The doctorate was followed by motherhood prior to the successful award of the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship within the Centres for Multilevel Modelling (CMM) and Comparative and International Research (CIRE). Her British Academy postdoctoral fellowship utilised the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE dataset to investigate the interrelation between educational aspirations, educational and labour market outcomes of Black Caribbean males in the UK from adolescence to early adulthood. After a second maternity break during the British Academy postdoctoral fellowship, Shawanda moved to Sweden with her family in her current post as a postdoc within the Centre for Ageing and health (AgeCap) at the Department for Sociology and Work Science. Her research covers a range of issues relating to sociology, psychology and education with a specific focus on inequality, social justice and the life course perspective. Shawanda has a keen interest in mixed and multi-method approaches in the social sciences, based primarily on a critical realist metatheoretical approach.