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Sebastian Wejedal

Senior Lecturer

Department of
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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Sebastian Wejedal

LL.D./senior lecturer in procedural law


My research focuses on issues relating to "Access to Justice" (AtJ), that is the fundamental notion that all people – even disadvantaged groups of society – should enjoy effective legal/judicial protection, ultimately through the courts. Accordingly, the principal targets of the AtJ-movement’s criticism have been so called “Access Barriers”, i.e. different legal and/or practical obstacles that make it difficult, or even impossible, for the general public to turn to the courts in order to vindicate their rights. The most significant barrier is legal fees in general, and counsel fees in particular. How these fees are handled under Swedish law was the main topic of my doctoral thesis: "The right to counsel – On the allocation of counsel fees before Swedish courts”. For later publications; see my list of publications.

Currently, I am involved in a research project ("Hotel California") funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), in which we are focusing on the termination of compulsory care of children (upphörande av tvångsvård enligt LVU).


I teach mainly in the field of procedural law on the LL.M. program at the Department of Law, where I am course coordinator for the basic course in procedural law as well as the advanced course in administrative procedure. I am also involved in several other courses on the advanced level, where I – among other topics – lecture on AtJ-related themes, the fair trial rights under ECHR Art. 6 and on lawyers' ethics. Over the years, I have also supervised several master students.

In addition to procedural law, I teach public law/general administrative law on all levels of the the LL.M. program.

Finally, I have given lectures/haveteaching assignments on behalf of Sveriges Advokatsamfund, Sveriges domstolar, Domstolsverket/Domstolsakademin and Göteborgs stad.

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Research areas

  • Procedural Law
  • Access to Justice
  • Access to Court, Effective Access to Court
  • ECHR article 6, Fair Trial Rights
  • The Role of the Lawyer, Lawyer Ethics

Teaching areas

  • Procedural Law
  • Access to Justice
  • ECHR article 6, Fair Trial Rights
  • Administrative Procedure
  • Exercise of Public Authority