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Prisca Jöst

Doctoral Student

Department of Political
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Prisca Jöst

Presentation I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg and affiliated with the Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD). I hold a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Research and International Politics from the University of Tübingen and a double bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Frankfurt. Prior to pursuing the PhD, I was working as a research assistant at the Department of Political Science at the University of Tübingen and the Peace Research Institute in Frankfurt (PRIF).

Areas of interest My research broadly focuses on comparative politics and development studies. More specifically, I am interested in political participation, social movements and social inequality.

Current research My current research tries to understand how social context influences the political engagement of socially deprived individuals, in particular, unemployed and poor citizens. The first part of my dissertation focuses on socioeconomic protests and unemployed mobilization in North Africa. In the second part of my dissertation, I look at other types of participation such as the engagement in community initiatives and voting. I did fieldwork in Tunisia in August and September 2018 and in Zambia in May 2019.