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Per Månson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Sociology and Work
Visiting address
Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Per Månson

PER MÅNSON, born 1946, earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1971 and his doctorate in 1987 and became associate professor in 1991. Since 1972, he has worked as a teacher and researcher, mainly at the Department of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, but for a few years at the turn of the century also worked at Linköping University. For many years he worked as a teacher and developed an interest in sociological theory, including social psychology, historical sociology, which resulted in several widely used textbooks. His special interest has been classical sociological theory, especially Karl Marx’s theories, a topic discussed in the dissertation From Marx to Marxism: A Study of Karl Marx and the Early Development of Marxism. Since 1990, Månson’s research and teaching have been directed towards Russia and the Soviet Union, both historical and current trends.

Teaching and tutoring Teaching and tutoring areas are mainly anything to do with Russia/Soviet Union, but also more general sociological issues, including social psychology. Sociology of everyday life and research ethics are other areas of interest, as well as historical sociology.

Special fields The research which currently occupies Månson concerns, apart from the historical background to the Russian revolution of 1917 and the developments in the Soviet Union and after the fall of Communism in 1991, science policy issues, such as how and by whom history is used for political purposes.

Current research An ongoing project that is expected to be finalised in 2010 is ”Utopia Lost: the Soviet Union 1922-1991”. Another project that is expected to be finalised in 2011 is ”Russia under Putin and Yeltsin”.

Selected publications From Marx to Marxism: A Study of Karl Marx and the Early Development of Marxism, 1987, Gothenburg: Daidalos/Röda bokförlaget

Capital, Rationality and Social Cohesion: An Introduction to Classical Social Theory, 7th edition, 2009, Stockholm: Nordstedts

The Boat in the Park: Introduction to Societal Studies, 5th edition 2010, London: Nordstedts

Modern Social Theories: Traditions, Directions, Theoreticians, 2010, 8th rev ed, Stockholm: Nordstedts