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Per Binde


School of Global
+46 31-786 43 09
Visiting address
Konstepidemins väg 2
41314 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Per Binde

  • PhD in social anthropology in 1997.
  • Associate professor since 2010.
  • Researcher at the University of Gothenburg since 1997.

Previous research areas

  • Symbolism, ritual and myth relating to vitality and death in South Italian cultural tradition (doctoral thesis);
  • The symbolic landscape of the city of Rome;
  • Risk perception, risk communication and siting controversy in large scale infrastructure projects.

Areas of interest Per Binde has studied gambling since 2001. His interest in gambling is broad, including regulation issues and problem gambling, but with a focus on the cultural dimensions of gambling and its social contexts.

Binde has done extensive field studies in Swedish gambling venues. With ethnographic and historical sources as a base, he has analyzed the distribution of gambling in the pre-colonial world, the relationships between gambling and socio-economic systems, and between gambling and religion. Several of Binde's empirical studies have concerned problem gambling. He has also written about regulation issues, analyzed data from population studies and reviewed various areas of gambling research.

Read more about Per Binde’s gambling research at his website The Anthropology of Gambling

Current research Per Binde’s current research follows several tracks in the multidisciplinary field of gambling studies. Currently the focus is on exploring embezzlement and similar economic crimes committed at the workplace by problem gamblers. Other current interests are gambling advertising, the riskiness of various forms of gambling, and cultural aspects of the concept of “disordered gambling” in psychiatric nosology.

Teaching and tutoring Supervision and examination at the School of Global Studies. Per Binde is a sought-after speaker and has over the past ten years delivered numerous lectures on gambling and problem gambling for public authorities, nonprofit organizations and stakeholders in the gaming sector.