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Osa Lundberg

Senior Lecturer

Department of Education, Communication and
Visiting address
Pedagogen Hus C, Läroverksgatan 7
41120 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Osa Lundberg

I am a Ph.D. student in Pedagogical Work in the Department of Pedagogy, Communication and Learning at the Faculty of Education at Gothenburg University. Before attending the postgraduate program I worked as an early childhood educator and primary school teacher in the US and thereafter Sweden.

In 1992 I received a Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics with a specialization in Child Development from San Francisco State University in California where I lived prior to moving to Sweden the same year. In Sweden I have received teaching credentials for primary school with a specialization in mathematics and science and a Masters specializing in child and youth studies.

The academic purpose of my thesis is to identify and discuss cultural features in the pedagogical discourse in schooling in order to address and alleviate growing social disparities between social groups. More precisely, my thesis concerns social and cultural norms in the content and instruction of schooling from a critical pedagogical perspective. A critical pedagogical perspective in this case means that “race”, class, gender and language issues are examined in relation to aspects of power/resistance, privilege/marginalization, and inclusion/exclusion within learning processes in school. The main research questions are: What are the implicit social and cultural norms in the content and instruction of education? How do norms relating to race, gender, class and language play out in the practice of knowledge construction and other learning processes in the classroom? In what ways do social and cultural norms contribute to social inequality and disparities between social groups? The study is an ethnography conducted in a multi-ethnic urban area in Sweden. I have followed three teacher teams and students in three different ninth grade classes, successively, from the same school. My defence of thesis will most likely take place in the year 2012.

My main supervisor is Dennis Beach and assistant advisors are Kerstin von Brömssen and Jan Gustafsson.