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Olof Wrede

About Olof Wrede


  • Born in 1984 in Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland
  • Authorized clinical psychologist in 2011. I have worked with psychiatric home treatment and crisis- intervention in Norway
  • Ph. D. Candidate since 2011
  • Private clinician since 2013


Personality and health


Research interests

Forensic psychology

Current research

My research focus on the effects of crime victim emotional expressions. In particular, I investigate how people make social inferences from distinct crime victim emotional expressions in everyday nonlegal settings.

Selected publications

Hartwig, M., Dawson, C. E., Wrede, O. & Ask, K. (2011). Interviewing Victims of Repeated Domestic Violence: Investigators´ Beliefs and Strategies. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.