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Ola Stockfelt


Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 200
405 30 Göteborg

About Ola Stockfelt


In my dissertation 1988, about the reception of Mozart symphonies since the late 1780’s, I analysed how listening to instrumental music, and discourses on this listening, had changed during two centuries. My research has since then mainly been directed towards music in different audio-visual contexts (primarily film, music video and various interactive media) with focus on the listeners active creation of meanings, and towards listening in relation to various sounds and soundscapes (audio culture, acoustemology, sound studies). During the 1990’s I directed the establishing of film studies as a discipline at the University of Gothenburg, and also started dealing also with traditional problems of film studies in my research, especially analyses of visuality and audio-visuality as narrative techniques in various media formats (esp. film, television, internet, computer games). A central perspective has generally been the active relation between historical and critical historiographical studies and current questions about production, use and reception of audio-visual media. I am presently (spring 2014) working on an interdisciplinary innovation project on silent public environments and on a series of articles on listening and audio-visuality.


I have since the late 1970’s been teaching most aspects of musicology at several Swedish universities, with some focus on music history, music analysis, music sociology, music theory and audio-visual media. Since the mid 1990’s I’ve also been a lecturer in film studies, and taught e.g. film history, television, film music, narrative techniques, audio-visual analysis and audio-visual theories. I have been tutor and examiner at all levels including research education, in musicology since the 1980’s, in film studies since the mid 1990’s (for research education since 2007). I have also been teacher, tutor and examiner on bachelor level for e.g. media, narrative technique and computer game design.

External relations and research information

Apart from some thirty radio- and TV-programmes and a large number of articles in popular journals and papers (including eight years as a music critic) I have given lectures in a great variety of popular contexts, including two extensive tours with an elaborate multimedia show for high schools and colleges. My dissertation was the first in Sweden to be re-worked as a film for distribution (with state support for popularising scientific results).