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Niklas Bergh

Universitetslektor, adjungerad

Department of Molecular and Clinical
Visiting address
Medicinkliniken SU/Östra
Postal address
Su sahlgrenska
41345 Göteborg

About Niklas Bergh

Associate professor, Cardiologist Department of Cardiology Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Niklas Bergh is cardiologist at the division of Cardiology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. His main interest is severe heart failure, heart transplantation, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). He is currently Associate Professor in experimental Cardiology at the Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, University of Gothenburg. His team consists of a preclinical group mainly investigating the endogenous fibrinolytic system and the role of subendothelial fibrin deposits in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. The clinical part of the group focus on the pathogenesis of different cardiomyopathies, mainly dilated and hyperthrophic cardiomyopathy, DCM/HCM.

Group members

  • Entela Bollano, MD, PhD, senior scientist
  • Per Fogelstrand, PhD senior scientist
  • Pia Larsson, PhD, senior scientist
  • Lars Glise, PhD student

Key Publications