Marita Eastmond

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About Marita Eastmond

PhD 1989; Professor of Social Anthropology at the School of Global Studies. Post doc 1990-91 at the University of Oxford, Centre for Refugee Studies. Visiting Scholar: University of Oxford, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, State University of New York; Institute of Ethnology/University of Hanoi, Vietnam. Employed at the School of Global Studies; during 2007-2011 also holding a part time appointment as Professor at the Nordic School of Public Health, Center for Migration and Health.

Areas of interestThree anthropological areas of interest converge in my research to date: Political anthropology, with special interest in the politics of expulsion, asylum and exile (Chile, USA, Sweden); as well as the reconstruction and reconciliation of wartorn societies (Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina). Medical anthropology with special interest in the politics of trauma, ’normalcy’ and the medicalisation of refugees (Sweden). Asylum seeking children and the politics of vulnerability in Sweden. The Anthropology of Migration, especially the processes of social incorporation of migrants and refugeegs and Sweden; return of migrants and reintegration in the country of origin (Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina); Migrants’ transnational networks and everyday lives (Sweden Bosnia-Herzegovina) Cirkular migration and development, in policy and practice.

Etnographic fields of research: Chile, USA, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden

Current researchPrecarious peacebuilding (Sida/SAREC). With peace researchers at the universities of Gothenburg, Lund and Uppsala

The new developers? Circular migration in policy and practice (Sida/SAREC) Projekt leader. Together with Lisa Åkesson (anthropology) och Maria Eriksson Baaz (peace and development), both at the School of Global Studies.

Teaching and tutoring

  • Medical Anthropology (basic level)
  • Migration, Power and Identity (advanced level)
  • Narratives and Life Stories (advanced/research level)
  • Etnography as Method (research level)
  • Migration and Health (NHV, advanced and research level)
  • Global health and Culture (NHV, research level) 

Field ExperienceChile, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, USA, Sweden (long-term). Zambia, Guatemala, Vietnam (consultancies)

Selected conferences and presentations(Organiser of international conferences/sessions; Invited talks)

  • 1998: Conference Organiser, Nordic Network of Medical Anthropologists, Göteborg
  • 2001: Invited Session paper "Return and the Notions of Home-Coming" AAA, Washington
  • 2002: Keynote Address, "The Dreams and Realities of Coming Home: The Imaginations, Policies, Practices and Experiences of Return Migration" Workshop Institute of Anthropology, Copenhagen University.
  • 2003: Workshop organiser (m. Åkesson) Nordic anthropology meeting on Translocal field Methods.
  • 2004: Session Organiser, "Beyond Exile: Refugee strategies in Transnational contexts" (9th IASFM conference, Chiang Mai.
  • 2004: Conference Organiser, "The Asylum-Seeking Child in Europe", Göteborg
  • 2005: Invited Talk, "Accommodating Difference in Bosnia. Ten Years After Dayton" Chr. Michelsen Institutt Bergen.
  • 2005: Conference Organiser, Nordic Meeting on Asylum-Seeking Children, Göteborg
  • 2006: Session Organiser, "Children as Forced Migrants", 10th IASFM, Toronto
  • 2006: Invited talk, "Sociala Läkningsprocesser" Vetenskapsrådet, Stockholm
  • 2007: Invited talk, "Dilemmas of repatriation and return - Between policy ideals and migrant practices". Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier (DIIS), Copenhagen 

Assignments at universities abroad

  • Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Refugee Studies Centre (1991)
  • Visiting professor, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven (1992)
  • Visiting professor, State University of New York (Autumn 1997)
  • Hanoi University & Institute of Ethnology Hanoi, Capacity building (Spring 1999 and 2000)