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Luca Rugiu


Tjärnö Marine
Visiting address
45296 Strömstad
Postal address
45296 Strömstad

About Luca Rugiu

Seaweeds are photosynthetic marine macroalgae with an important role in marine ecosystems as they provide food, shelter and nursery areas to other species. Seaweeds are also responsible for removing inorganic carbon an nutrients from the water, thus helping to improve the environmental status of coastal areas. Further, seaweed cultivation produces the highest aquaculture biomass used as food, pharmaceutical products, biofuel and biomaterials.

My research aims to understand how seaweed physiology changes according to different environmental conditions such as salinity, temperature, light and nutrient availability. This knowledge helps to answer key questions going from the effects of future climate change on marine communities to how to improve seaweed cultivation in order to maximise the production of biomass or specific compounds.