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Kristine Köhler Mortensen

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Renströmsgatan 6

About Kristine Köhler Mortensen

My research interests lie within language, gender and sexuality. I’m especially interested in these topics in connection to nationality and culture as well as online communication.

As a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Swedish at the University of Gothenburg I’m conducting the research project "Sexual Integration": Sexuality in Global Migration funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. The focus of the project is to study recently introduced compulsory teaching of asylum seekers arriving in Denmark in so-called "Danish sexual morals". The aim is to unveil the ways in which sexual behavior is being attached to culture and nationality and how specific conceptions of intimacy come to be understood as crucial and decisive for the integration in a late modern Western society. The project is designed as a two-part analysis combining both text-based discourse analysis and practice-oriented ethnography. Additionally, I’m working with language and sexuality in a colonial perspective by studying Danish media representation of the Greenlandic People. I completed my PhD at University of Copenhagen in 2015 with a dissertation focusing on online dating and how participants construct and negotiate desire through email, chat, and online dating profiles. Following this, I studied language variation and social media practices among Danish youth with a focus on Snapchat in the project Dialect in the Periphery.