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Kenneth Hermele

About Kenneth Hermele

I am by training an economist and a human ecologist focusing on globalization, sustainable development, ecological economics, international trade and human rights. In 2012, I defended my PhD thesis, ”Land Matters. Agrofuels, Unequal Exchange, and Appropriation of Ecological Space”, at the Human ecology division, Lund University. 

Areas of interestMy research areas over the years have focused on Development Economics, in a wide sense, including the debt crises, economic reform programmes, the role of the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO in the processes of globalization, ecologically unequal exchange, and land grabbing.

Current ResearchI am participating in the European research programme Financialisation, Economy, Socieity and Sustainable Development, FESSUD, jointly with colleagues at Lund University, where the first outcome is FESSUD Working Paper nr 17, 2013: ”Financialisation of the environment: A literature review”, co-authored with Eric Clark, Human Geography, Lund University.

TeachingI am co-responsible for the basic level course (in Swedish) Fattigdom, resurser och fördelning (US1112) as well as for the master level courses (in English) Adaptation to Global Environmental Change (HE2233) and Sustainable Development: Conflicts, Communication and Collaboration (HE2234).