Jérémy Bernard

EU-Postdoc (Marie Curie)

Department of Earth
Visiting address
Guldhedsgatan 5a
41320 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 460
40530 Göteborg

About Jérémy Bernard

Research interest

Climate impact on human societies and earth ecosystems through

  • climate empirical modeling using GIS,
  • urban climate observation,
  • urban climate modeling.

Current research focus

Elaborate simple models to estime air temperature and wind field within an urban area. Two main objectives:

  1. develop empirical models to relate observed air temperature and simulated wind speed values to geographical indicators characterizing an observed or a simulated location (e.g. distance to building facade, vegetation or building density, etc.),
  2. integrate these models into UMEP (a QGIS plugin).

This work is done under the Urb-TWin project, funded by the European Union through a Marie-Curie fellowship.

Previous research focus

Implement algorithms to compute geospatial indicators (e.g. density of building, sky view factor, building compactness, road distance, …) useful for climate analysis or climate simulations. These algorithms can be used with the Geoclimate library.

This work was performed within the Paendora and Urclim projects, respectively funded by the French Environment and Energy management Agency and the European Union.

All publications may be accessed through the French open-access archive HAL.