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Jari Kuosmanen

Benämning saknas

Department of Social
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 23-25

About Jari Kuosmanen

Areas of expertice

  • Democracy, organizational and leadership issues, mainly based on studies of social enterprises.
  • Studies of gender, mainly based on masculinity and intersectional perspectives
  • Prostitution research, both heterosexual and homosexual prostitution. Special studies of persons with intellectual disabilities in prostitution and prostitution-like context.

Current Research Project Since January 2009, I have worked in a project with three other researchers, project manager Ulla-Carin Hedin and Urban Herlitz at the Department of Social Work, and Eva Laurelii at the Department of Work Science. The project is funded by FAS and is titled: Work Integrating Social Enterprises - governance and leadership development.

Since November 2010 I am working with Annelie Siring and and prof. Ingrid Sahlin with the study is called: Passion or Crime? A study of male prostitution. The study will last 2011-2013.

In November 2010 I was granted as the primary applicant, along with Mikaela Starke and prof. Rafael Lindqvist funds for a three-year study from the Crime Victim Fund. Study's title is: Between autonomy and victimization - women and men with intellectual disabilities in prostitution and prostitution-like context. The study will last 2011-2013.

Completed Research Project During 2001-2003 I was part of a research team that examined local democracy in the district of Majorna in Gothenburg. Kuosmanen, J., Serhede, O., & Johansson, T. (2007). Mobilization, Networks and Local Ziticen Participation in the Majorna District of Gothenburg. In Andrén M. (ed.), Questions of Local Citizenship. CEFOS, University of Gothenburg.

During 2002-2006 I was part of a research team that studied social enterprises. Hedin, Y-C., Herlitz, U., & Kuosmanen. J. (2006). Exit processes and empowerment - a study of social cooperatives in the way of escape! project. Department of Social Work, Gothenburg University.

During 2007-2009, I participated in a Nordic research project on prostitution. Kuosmanen, J. (2011) Attitudes and perceptions about legislation prohibiting the purchase of sexual services in Sweden. Routledge: The European Journal of Social Work. 2011 vol. 14, Issue 2 pag. 247-263.

During 2009-2010 I worked with a research conserning women with developmental disabilities in prostitution.

Teaching I am lecturing in various courses about drugs as GHB and masculinity. In spring 2013 I am going to be in charge for the course of Probation and Prevention at the undergraduate level.