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Jan Carle

About Jan Carle

Presentation JAN CARLE: associated professor/docent since 2005, fulltime Lecturer in Sociology. Since december 2010 he is the head of the department.

Jan Carle has been the Director of Studies for within teachers training at education on graduate level and Director of Studies for the PhD students within teacher training s education at the University of Gothenburg, studying at the faculty of Social Sciences, until november 2010. He was also the Coordinator (together with Silwa Claesson) for the research theme “School and Society” within the teacher training s education at the University of Gothenburg.

Jan Carle has been employed at the Göteborg University of Gothenburg since 1979. During the period he has also been employed by the University of Skövde (1995-2000) and the Gothenburg Municipality, Human Resources of the Social Department (1982-1994).

He has also during over the period 1985 - 1995 he also worked on various assignments for companies and organiszations. In recent years he has undertaken done assignments for PEAB and Gothenburg municipality.

Specialist fields Social psychology, professionals and processes of professionaliszation

Current research mmigrants, Police and Social Work (IPS). 2009-2011. Co-aAppplicant within European Research Project: Exchange of information, best practices and co-operation in and between Member States in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies and measures for the integration of third-country nationals. Partners from uUniversities in Finland, Sweden, Holland, Spain and Great Britain. Funding, Europeaen Commission Directorate-General Justice Freedom and Security.

Teaching and tutoring Social psychology, general sociology and teacher’s education training programme.

Selected publications Carle, J (2009). Youth and Trade Unionism, in Furlong, A (2009). Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood. New perspectives and agendas. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

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