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Hannah Saldert

Doctoral Student

School of Global
Visiting address
Konstepidemins väg 2
41314 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Hannah Saldert

I have a bachelor's degree in European studies (2013) and a masters degree in Sociology (2015). Both from the university of Gothenburg. I've been a PhD student in Environmental Social Science scince August 2017 and am writing my dissertation within the Formas financed project knowledge integration for conflict resolution in urban planning. My dissertation is focused on how social sustainability is implemented in urban planning. In my research project I am studying how the city development project Frihamnen, Göteborg is managing goal conflicts and how this affects the meaning of social sustainability within the project. Furthermore, I study how the discourse of social sustainability changes over time within the project.

My ressearch interests include:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Social sustainability
  • Urban studies
  • Environmental governance
  • Political ecology
  • Discourse and meaning making

I'm currently convening and lecturing in the courses Sustainable Cities (HU1221) and Sustainable Development (HU1232). I am also lecturing in the courses Responses to Global Challenges (GS1212) and Theories and Perspectives (GS2121).

During the year 2020 I am chair of the PhD council at the School of Global Studies.