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Emmalee Gisslevik

About Emmalee Gisslevik

Emmalee Gisslevik is employed as student in nutritional sciences at the Department of nutrition and Sport Science, University of Gothenburg, in sep. 2011. Before I went on the diet and fitness programme and has an MA. in food science.

My thesis is carried out within the framework of a national research school in home and consumer knowledge. The graduate school's common theme is teaching and learning about food and meals at home-consumer knowledge. All educational institutions which train teachers in focus home and consumer knowledge in graduate school, which is; Uppsala University (host institution), Umeå University, Gothenburg University and high school Kristianstad. All the institutions have special interest schools which leads me and Gothenburg University are good for health and resource management.

The focus on my dissertation work is teaching and learning about food and meals at home-consumer knowledge with a focus on health and resource management. The goal of this work is to create knowledge about healthy eating habits, and resource management in relation to the learner's socio-cultural background can be taught in school. The purpose of my contributions are to develop and strengthen the scientific base of teaching and learning in home and consumer knowledge by expanding the knowledge base. Today, research in the subject is very limited, even in an international perspective. Ämnesdidaktisk research in home and consumer awareness are missing almost completely.