Elisabeth Mellgren

About Elisabeth Mellgren

Research interests My research area is education, didactics, and learning, primarily focusing on children’s learning of written language in preschool, preschool classes, before and after school care, and the early school years. At present I am involved in two projects. One project is a studied commissioned by the two unions Kommunal (Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union) and Lärarförbundet (Swedish Teachers’ Union). The study is an evaluation of their educational initiative “The New Preschool—Focus on Quality.” The second project is “Children’s Early Learning,” which is a longitudinal study targeting how preschools contribute to children’s knowledge and learning. My focus in this project is language and communication.

Teaching interests Children’s written language learning and how the conditions can be created for young children’s writing and interest in written language are my special interests. I find it exciting to discuss writing in the perspective of an expanded concept of text.

Keywords text environment, written language, writing, reading, the expanded concept of text, early childhood literacy, emergent literacy