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David Carlsson

Senior Lecturer

The Crafts and Fine Art
Visiting address
Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
41137 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 131
40530 Göteborg

About David Carlsson

I am based at HDK since 2013 where I work as program director for the bachelor program in Ceramic Art. As a teacher my aim is to create contexts and situations where critical reflection and discussion makes each student develop, both as artist and as discussion partner. To work with a variety of teaching-methods and projects in a group where different experiences meet is challenging but most of all exciting and rewarding. I am interested in how the individual expression can grow with help from the response and experiences of the group and how the discussion helps to connect works to relevant contexts.

In my artistic practice I like to work in the tension between the obvious, almost banal narrative and the poetic and multi-layered. Here I find space to embrace and criticise, wonder and answer, in the same work or project. To me the ceramic material is both an artistic medium and a referential point and it gives always new possibilities to interpret, re-form and give new meanings to situations, objects and concepts.