Birger Simonson

About Birger Simonson

At present, Birger Simonson holds the position as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. He is leave of absence until 2018 06 30

Background PhD in history 1985, Associate professor 1991 and Professor 2001 Thesis: Social Democrazy and the Gain of Power: SAP:s Political strategy 1889-1911. Head of Centre for Work Science 2000-2001. Head of department at the Department of Work Science 2001-2006. In charge of PhD-studies at the same department from 2006.

Research I have been studying the development of strategies for gaining or maintaining power in the Swedish Social Democratic Party before WW1 and in the Swedish trade union movement after WW2. Another area of interest is the integration of immigrants in society, especially in the labour market.

Current research Solidarity: Ideology and Practice in a Worker-Owned enterprise

Teaching Ground level: Labour markets in a national and international context Advanced level: Gender and labour markets PhD-level: The Classics of Work Science and The Disciplines of Work Science

Cooperation Evaluation of huge projects for integration on the labour market 2001-2004 (Storstadssatsningen) Chair of the research body in TAM (white collar union´s archive and library) Lectures on youth unemployment for local governments 2011