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Yaman Berker Kavasoglu

Doctoral Student

Department of Political
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Yaman Berker Kavasoglu


I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. I am also a Doctoral Affiliate at the Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem).

Areas of interest

Autocratic Institutions, Political Parties, Elections, Political Violence, Regime Change, Applied Quantitative Methods.

Current research

Dissertation: Party Organizations and the Dynamics of Autocratic Rule: Co-optation, Repression, and Regime Change.

Data Set: Varieties of Party Identity and Organization Project (V-Party).

Paper Project: Opposition Parties and Elite Co-optation in Electoral Autocracies (under review)

Paper Project: Autocratic Institutions and Incentives for Repression: How Political Parties in Autocracies Shape State Repression.


MA in Political Science, Central European University, Hungary (relocated to Austria), 2017.

MA in Political Science, University of Essex, UK, 2015.

BA in International Relations, Bilgi University, Turkey, 2014.