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Karl Mårild

Department of
Visiting address
Drottning Silvias barn- och ungdomssjukhus, Rondvägen 10
416 50 Göteborg

About Karl Mårild

Epidemiology and clinical manifestations of celiac disease and inflammatory bowel diseases

I am a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and associate professor of Pediatrics at the Institute of Clinical Sciences. I currently hold a 4-year half-time research position funded by the Swedish government under the ALF-agreement.

My research has foremost taken advantage of registers and large-scale cohorts of Nordic countries to examine early life risk factors for immune-mediated diseases (IMDs), initially for celiac disease and type 1 diabetes, and more recently inflammatory bowel diseases; these conditions share etiological and epidemiological traits, including a rising prevalence in past decades. I have also successfully studied the clinical consequences of celiac disease and inflammatory bowel diseases.

After my dissertation at Örebro University, I moved my research to Karolinska Institutet in 2012. Through international fellowships (2014-2017), I have since teamed with experienced epidemiologists from Nordic and U.S. research centers, some of who are partners in the projects described below.

Current work – International and national collaboration

My research includes LOGIC, a multipronged approach aimed at providing population-based, longitudinal data on growth before and after screening- respectively symptom-detected celiac disease.

SICK – Serological Identification of Celiac disease in Kids – is a feasibility study of celiac screening in general pediatric outpatient clinics in the Gothenburg metropolitan area.

I am also involved in several research projects using questionnaire and biological data from the Norwegian birth cohort "MoBa", its Danish sister cohort "DNBC" and the Swedish birth cohort "ABIS".

Finally, I am part of a large international collaboration (involving chiefly researchers from Karolinska Institutet, Columbia University and Harvard University) studying inflammatory bowel diseases and celiac disease epidemiology within the Swedish register- and histopathology-based ESPRESSO cohort.

Funding: ALF Västra Götaland, Bengt Ihres fond, FoU Västra Götaland, Svenska Läkaresällskapet