Ola Grimsholm

Affiliated to Research

Department of Rheumatology a Inflammation
Visiting address
Guldhedsgatan 10A
413 46 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 480
405 30 Göteborg

About Ola Grimsholm

Short background: I defended my PhD Thesis in 2008 at Umeå University with Prof. Sture Forsgren as main supervisor and Prof. Solbritt Rantapää-Dahlqvist as co-supervisor. My Thesis described the peripheral nervous system in the inflamed joint during rheumatoid arthritis and in a mouse model therof. I did my first Post doc with Prof. Lill Mårtensson-Bopp at University of Gothenburg and that is where my interest on B cells started. Thereafter I decided to move to research on human memory B cells and I did a second Post doc in the laboratory of Dr. Rita Carsetti in Rome, Italy.

Main research focus: We focus mainly on human memory B cells in health and disease.We are running projects on primary antibody deficiencies and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. We are now about to start a project in the field of rheumatology as well on the role of memory B cells in Systemic sclerosis.

Join us! We are presently looking for Master Thesis students and a Post doc who wants to join the my lab. Please contact me for more information.