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University Network of West Sweden

Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg, the University of Borås, the University of Skövde, University West and Jönköping University have formed an alliance for further developed cooperation called the University Network of West Sweden. The purpose of the alliance is to strengthen the development of West Sweden’s higher education institutions and the social dimension of sustainable development in West Sweden.

These higher education institutions already cooperate in various forms in education and research, as well as in the utilisation of research results and innovation. Through the University Network of West Sweden alliance, which started in spring 2021, these higher education institutions aim to develop this cooperation even further to be able to take better advantage of the potential that exists.

The aim of the alliance is to develop the quality and diversity of the higher education institutions’ activities, and to provide students and staff with optimal conditions for knowledge development.

This further developed cooperation does not entail any kind of merger, but is instead intended to strengthen the profiles, competitiveness, attractiveness and interaction with the community at large of the individual higher education institutions in the alliance, and of the alliance itself.

Cooperation within the alliance is supported by a steering committee, a university directors group, and a coordination group. The presidency rotates between the higher education institutions for one year at a time. The University of Gothenburg holds the presidency for 2021–2022.