Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 2019
Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 2019
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Academic Ceremonies and other annual ceremonies

The University of Gothenburg organises two academic ceremonies annually: the Conferment of Doctoral Degrees and the Inauguration of New Professors. The ceremonies represent both tradition and renewal. Their long history helps create continuity and community within the University. They also point to the renewal of knowledge that both new doctors and new professors represent.

Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

The Conferment of Doctoral Degrees, the University’s largest ceremonial occasion, is primarily intended for those who have recently completed their postgraduate work and successfully defended their doctoral thesis.

At the ceremony new doctors from the previous academic year receive their insignias* as confirmation of their position at the University. This also applies to the participating jubilee doctors, those who received their doctorate 50 years ago. The ceremony also confers an honorary doctor’s degree on those appointed by each faculty. This is a way of honouring individuals, both inside and outside Sweden, who have made a substantial contribution to research at the University.

University-wide distinctions and awards are also awarded at the ceremony.

The annual Conferment of Doctoral Degrees takes place during the latter part of October at the Swedish Exhibition and Conference Centre. A large banquet follows the ceremony.

In academic contexts, insignia take different forms, such as the doctoral cap, the doctoral ring, garlands or the vice-chancellor’s chains.

Inauguration of New Professors

Each spring, the University organises an Inauguration of New Professors at which the new professors who wish to participate are inaugurated during a festive ceremony. The ceremony takes place in the Concert Hall at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg.

During the Inauguration of New Professors, only those who have been permanently employed as professors or appointed as artistic professors during the previous year are inaugurated. Adjunct professors and visiting professors appointed by the Vice-Chancellor also are welcomed at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there is a chance to mingle and a buffet in the Concert Hall.

Other annual ceremonies are the “Diplomering” Ceremony, recognising student union representatives, the Zealous and Devoted Service Ceremony and the Retirement Ceremony.

Diplomering Ceremony

At the Diplomering Ceremony, students who have been active in the University’s student unions are acknowledged for their contributions to the University. Members of the University’s doctoral student committees are also honoured in this way.

The ceremony takes place in the auditorium of the University’s main building in Vasaparken. After the Vice-Chancellor speaks and awards student medals, guests attend a dinner in the Torgny Segerstedt Room in Vasaparken.

Zealous and Devoted Service Ceremony

At the beginning of each year, an event is held for University of Gothenburg staff who have been government employees for at least 30 years or are retiring after at least 25 years of government employment. They are presented with a distinction for zealous and devoted service to the state.

The ceremony, which takes place in the auditorium of the University’s main building in Vasaparken, includes speeches by the Vice-Chancellor and others and the presentation of gifts. Each honouree chooses a gift from an assortment purchased by the Swedish Agency for Government Employers. Students from the Academy of Music and Drama provide entertainment, and the ceremony concludes with a buffet in the Torgny Segerstedt Room.

Retirement Ceremony

Each spring the University arranges a ceremony for employees who have retired during the previous calendar year.

The ceremony, which takes place in the auditorium of the University’s main building, begins with a speech by the Vice-Chancellor and the presentation of a memorial pin. Musical selections by students from the Academy of Music and Drama accompany the ceremony, which concludes with a buffet in the Torgny Segerstedt Room.

Other ceremonial events

Other events in addition to these annual ceremonies include regular lectures as part of the Félix Neubergh Lecture and the Sixten Heyman’s Prize and lecture. Nobel Lectures by one of the year’s Nobel Laureates and by a previous Nobel Laureate are usually held each December.

Upcoming ceremonies

The University organizes big and small ceremonies each year.

The University ceremonies of 2023

The University ceremonies of 2024

More detailed information about our academic ceremonies is found at the Staff Portal