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MIK-dagen 2015

[2014-11-26] 28/01/2015 a 28/01/2015 Göteborg, Sverige Den 28 januari är det dags igen för Sveriges största konferens om medie- och informationskunnighet och rörlig bild. Bland årets huvudtalare hittar du Ulla Carlsson, världens första professor i yttrandefrihet.


Doctoral insignia presented to Hillary Clinton

[2014-11-26] In July 2007, Hillary Clinton was awarded an honorary doctorate in medicine at the University of Gothenburg, and on Wednesday night she finally received her doctoral insignia.


Lecture videos on Environmental and Climate Economics

[2014-11-26] During the spring semester 2014, EfD Sweden/Environmental Economics Unit recorded lectures from three PhD specialization courses in Environmental and Climate Economics held at the Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg.


The Duke - November 26, 2014

[2014-11-26] I'm sure The Manager won't mind me mentioning it but she's hurtling towards a milestone birthday.

[Blackpool Gazette]

Eating, not sugar, is addictive

[2014-11-26] © Corbis I It's not sugar we are addicted to and that is causing so many of us to put on too much weight. According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh, we are addicted to eating itself.


Epilepsie – Operationen sind sicher

[2014-11-26] © gpointstudio-Fotolia München (netdoktor.de) – Die meisten Epileptiker schlucken Medikamente um ihre Anfälle in den Griff zu bekommen – aber nicht jedem helfen die Tabletten. Operative Maßnahmen könnten eine vielversprechende Alternative sein.


Maritime informatics

[2014-11-26] CFP : Maritime Informatics track at AMCIS 2015 Maritime Informatics Call for Papers Track Co-Chairs Mikael Lind, Viktoria Swedish ICT & University of Gothenburg, Sweden, mikael.lind@viktoria.


Vattenfall Goes Real Time

[2014-11-26] Sweden has very good geographical conditions for using renewable energy resources.

[Transmission & Distribution World]

Patients at Emergency Departments Regarded as "Symptoms"

[2014-11-26] Artículos relacionados The healthcare work of providing care at Emergency departments is medicalized and result-driven. As a consequence of this, patients are regarded as “symptoms”, and are shunted around the department as “production units”.

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[2014-11-26] est nommé chief executive officer de MSH International à Dubaï.

[Les Echos]

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