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Genova. Festival della Scienza, gli eventi del Cnr

[2014-10-25] E’ in corso da ieri fino al 2 novembre il Festival della scienza di Genova, dedicato quest'anno al tema del tempo Il Consiglio nazionale delle


Scientists grow functioning vessel with two tablespoons of blood

[2014-10-25] London, Oct 25 In a path-breaking research, a team of Swedish researchers has successfully grown brand new blood vessels with just two tablespoons of blood in a flat seven days.


Scientists grow functioning vessel with two tablespoons of blood

[2014-10-25] By | IANS India Private Limited/Yahoo India News – 7 minutes ago Universiti Malaya (UM)'s move to ban a student event with opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made it a laughing stock, said DAP lawmaker Teresa Kok.

[Yahoo! Malaysia]

Strömberg, Monica. Arcaísmo como concepto.pdf

[2014-10-25] Romansk Forum XV Skandinaviske romanistkongress Nr. 16 – 2002/2 Oslo 12.-17.


Salvaged donor lungs can save lives

[2014-10-25] Donor lungs once thought unsuitable for transplant can be salvaged for use by a new method after special treatment in a purpose-built heart and lung machine unit.


Growing a blood vessel in a week

[2014-10-25] 25/10/14/05/07   Eureka Alerts   2   Global ( University of Gothenburg ) The technology for creating new tissues from stem cells has taken a giant leap forward.


Hyperactivité: les suppléments bénéfiques

[2014-10-24] Soins de santé au Canada Agence QMI 23 octobre 2014 Photo Fotolia Administrer des suppléments d'oméga 3 et 6 aux enfants souffrant d'un trouble du

[TVA Nouvelles]

Swedish researchers set new world record for wireless data transmission rates

[2014-10-24] A group of researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Ericsson is getting recognition for setting a new world record in wireless data transmission rates using a new type of microwave circuit.

[Fierce Wireless]

Omega 3 Can Help Children With ADD, University of Gothenburg Study

[2014-10-24] Supplements of the fatty acids omega 3 and 6 can help children and adolescents who have a certain kind of ADHD.


Scientists grow blood vessel in a week from just two tablespoons of blood: Study

[2014-10-24] Credits: FOTOLIA Swedish researchers have developed a way to grow a blood vessel from a patient's stem cells and the process only takes about a week.

[Sun News]

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