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incyprus.com.cy: Bad habits

[2014-07-30] Children in Cyprus eat less Mediterranean food than children in seven other EU countries, according to a study by the University

sverigesradio.se: Jellyfish jamming parts of Sweden's southern coast

[2014-07-30] Investments by Swedish fund companies could be in danger because of possible EU sanctions against Russia. Swedes throw tonnes of edible food in the garbage - we find out how to reduce food waste....

vancouversun.com: UBC philosopher wins 80 million Swedish kroner grant (and that's a lot!)

[2014-07-30] UBC philosophy professor Paul Russell has won a humanities grant from the Swedish government worth almost $12 billion Cdn.

sanluisobispo.com: May-December romance rules

[2014-07-29] Age differences can create unique challenges for partners, but they aren't deal-breakers

curie.fr: Cancers pédiatriques : mieux comprendre les rechutes des enfants atteints de neuroblastome

[2014-07-29] Pourquoi certains enfants atteints de neuroblastome vont-ils rechuter? La pédiatre Gudrun Schleiermacher et son équipe pointent du doigt le rôle du gène ALK dans les récidives de ce cancer...

aidsjournal.com: Non-endoscopic migraine surgery provides significant symptom relief in Mass. General patients (Massachusetts General Hospital)

[2014-07-29] Source: Massachusetts General Hospital ) A revised version of a surgical procedure to treat severe chronic migraine headaches led to significant symptom relief more than 90 percent of the time in a...

sciencenewsline.com: Mineral Magic? Common Mineral Capable of Making And Breaking Bonds

[2014-07-28] - Reactions among minerals and organic compounds in hydrothermal environments are critical components of the Earth's deep carbon cycle, they provide energy for the deep biosphere, and may have...

sciencenewsline.com: Online Information Most Cost-effective Means of Increasing MMR Uptake, Research Finds

[2014-07-28] Giving parents access to a website containing information about the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is the most cost-effective way of increasing its uptake, new University of Leeds research...

sverigesradio.se: Study looks at kids forced to act as caregivers

[2014-07-28] Researchers in Sweden are investigating the number of children and adolescents who have taken on parental responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning or staying home from school to care for a father...

ecosalon.com: Full Moon Freakout: Study Finds Lunar Phases Matters

[2014-07-27] Lunar phases matters, a full moon means an unmistakable restless energy.

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