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Have you studied at University of Gothenburg? Then you are an alumnus/alumna and welcome to join our network. Your experiences gained from working life and from the University are important. We would therefore like to maintain contact with you.

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The network is important for you

Contacts important for the future are often established with fellow students and lecturers while studying. The alumni network enables you to maintain and broaden your social and professional contacts. The key to the network is the alumni database that is common to the entire University, regardless of what you have studied. More than 16,000 former students - in more than 70 countries - have already registered (November, 2014).

You are important

Your experience of studying and work is valuable to us and our students. With your help we can develop our courses and strengthen our connections with the surrounding world. With your information from your professional life, we can show our students what they can work with after graduating.

Current alumni activities

University of Gothenburg’s alumni activities are still under development. Many faculties and departments continuously arrange various programmes. If you cannot find any activities within your field at this time, you can still register in the alumni database.

Read more about the alumni activities at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or get in touch.


  • Academic, Research and Science jobs in Europe

    [27 Nov 2015] Tips: Interested in an academic career in Europe? Have a look in the network for Academics, Researchers and Scientists - Academic Positions.

  • Job opportunities at the University of Gothenburg

    [23 Nov 2015] Interested in a job at the University of Gothenburg? Have a look at job vacancies and if you want to apply for a job, you first need to create an account in the job portal. You can also subscribe for information about job vacancies and upload a CV and other information for future use.

  • A minute of silence for the victims of terrorism

    [20 Nov 2015] In honour of the people who fell victims in the terrorist attacks in Paris, the European Union calls for a minute of silence today, Monday November 16 at noon. The University of Gothenburg participates in the manifestation and also remember those who died in Friday's terrorist attacks in Beirut and Baghdad.

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