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Gothenburg University Library

The Gothenburg University Library is one of the largest and most advanced libraries in Sweden. It is a groundbreaking library in Europe when it comes to the development of e-books and e-periodicals.

The library has approximately 14,000 e-magazines, 20,000 e-books and 300 databases. The number of electronic loans, where an article or a whole book is downloaded, has now overtaken the number of paper loans, although the latter is also still increasing.

The University Library consists of seven libraries each focusing on a special subject area, and a biomedical learning centre at the Sahlgrenska Academy: the Central Library, the Biomedical Library, the Botanical and Environmental Library, the Economics Library, the Earth Sciences Library, the Undergraduate and Newspaper Library and the Education Library. The University Library has several special studios for the visually impaired, equipped with enlargement programs, speech synthesis, spelling programs, scanners and printers.

There are also Braille printers and displays. The libraries are used by 7,000 people every day. The Gothenburg University Library is involved in several collaborative projects internationally, including cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina in order to assist the Egyptian library with the introduction of a new computer system.

Gothenburg University Library

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