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The University's board

According to the Higher Education Act, the board shall have supervision over all the University’s affairs. The Act also stipulates that the University’s Vice-Chancellor must be included in the board; 7 members are appointed by the Government.

The Act states that the Government should select persons with experience from activities that have significance for the University’s teaching- and research functions. Teachers and students at the university are entitled to be represented in the board.

Representatives for employees have the right to be present and to express opinions at the board’s meetings. The functions of the board comprise in particular:

  • formulation of overall goals and overall decisions on the university’s activities and financial situation
  • long-term planning, positioning vis-à-vis teaching- and research policies for the University as a whole
  • situation analyses
  • evaluation and quality control
  • results analysis
  • resource allocation over the budgetary period (1-3 years) and regular following-up

The University's Board, including representatives that have the right to present and express opinions.  (Member Carin Götblad is not present in the picture)

Members of the board

Chair: Cecilia Schelin Seidegård
Vice-Chancellor: Pam Fredman

Representatives for the community (appointed by the Government):

Tomas Brunegård
Kerstin Brunnberg
Andreas Carlgren
Carin Götblad
Eva Halvarsson
Lauritz Holm-Nielsen
Ulf P Lundgren

Representatives for the teachers:

Börje Haraldsson
Lisbeth Larsson
Angela Wulff

Reserve: Lars Lindkvist 

Representatives for the students:

Mikael Benserud
Marie Norman
Nils Rudqvist

Reserve: Malin Henriksson

Representatives for employees (right to be present and to express opinions):

Lennart Olsson (SEKO)
Stefan Schedin (OFR-S)

Martin Selander (SACO)

Secretary to the Board: Ingela Elofsson


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