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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register
an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and
attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours
(GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the
contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration
or when submitting your application, please contact rekrytering@gu.se


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Forskare, metabola sjukdomar2017-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/544
Associate researcher to V-Dem institute one or more2017-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/350
Rechearch Assistant, Bioniformatician, 6 months2017-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/428
Researcher in medicinal chemistry2017-06-12Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/454
Lecturers2017-06-09Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/516
Senior Lecturers in Occupational Science2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/533
Research Fellow (forskarassistent) in Epidemiology with Public Health Nutrition2017-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/380
Two PhD students in Natural Science specializing in Marine Sciences2017-06-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/404
Postdoctoral position in sociology2017-06-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/99
Researcher2017-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/435
Research Fellow (forskarassistent) in Epidemiology and statistics, PAR 2017/3792017-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/379
Professor in Crafts with specialization in Ceramic Art2017-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/319
Researcher2017-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/514
Lecturer in Design with orientation Furniture Design2017-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/479
Research Fellow in Neurochemisty with special focus on stem cell research2017-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/460
PhD student position in medical science - Biochemical studies of tau in neurodegeneration 2017-06-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/382
Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics with a focus on Statistical Data Analysis2017-06-16Permanent employmentPAR 2017/106
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Molecular Medicine: Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Aging2017-06-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/397
Lectureships in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, one or more2017-06-05Permanent employmentPAR 2017/501
Researcher2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/483
PhD position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics2017-06-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/345
Researcher2017-06-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/480
Researcher2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/494
Postdoctoral fellow in molecular hematology2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/180
Postdoctoral fellow in medical biochemistry and mucin biology, especially intestinal protection2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/153
Postdoctoral fellow in mitochondrial gene expression2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/196
Postdoctoral fellow in mitochondrial DNA replication2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/197
Postdoctoral fellow in Modelling osteoarthritis with human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. 2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/224
Postdoctoral fellow in Medical biochemistry and mucin biology, especially in the respiratory tract 2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/126
Postdoctoral fellow in medical biochemistry and cell biology”2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/94
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of interaction design)2017-05-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/446
Postdoctoral fellow in cellbiology/microbiology - host-pathogen interactions at the mucosal surface via mucin glycans 2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/105
Teaching Chair in Applied Marine Hydrography2017-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/259
Researcher2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/439
Exploring global epigenetic modifications in leukemia and lymphoma2017-06-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/168
Researcher2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/227
Postdoctor in Developmental Neurobiology2017-05-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/440
Postdoctoral Researcher, one or several, in Computational linguistics ]2017-07-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/157
Professor in Marine Chemistry 2017-06-13Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1
Professor in Physical Oceanography2017-06-13Permanent employmentPAR 2017/4
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of software engineering)2017-05-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/445
Senior Lecturer in Nursing, ref nr. PAR 2017/3612017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/361
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of computer engineering)2017-05-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/409
Teaching assistant, one or more (the field of computer science)2017-05-23Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/408
Senior Lecturer in Marine Benthic Ecology2017-06-13Permanent employmentPAR 2017/2
Senior Lecturer in Marine Chemistry2017-06-13Permanent employmentPAR 2017/3
Lecturer in design with orientation Furniture Design 2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/406
Researcher2017-06-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/418
Researcher2017-05-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/378
Researcher2017-06-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/410
Postdoctoral fellow in translational brain tumor research2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/164
Postdoctoral fellow in cancer genetics2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/204
Postdoctoral fellow in Pathology2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/193
Postdoctoral fellow in liquid biopsies and single-cell analysis in cancer2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/181
Postdoctoral fellow in translational breast cancer research2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/156
Postdoctoral fellow in cancer genomics2017-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/216
Postdoctoral fellow in metabolism and inflammation, with focus on rheumatic diseases2017-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/396
Researcher in Informatic 2017-05-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/400
Researcher in Nanomagnetism and Spinntronics2017-05-23Permanent employmentPAR 2017/269
PhD position in urban climatolgoy2017-06-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/270
Lecturer in Nursing specialization in supervision, ref nr PAR 2017/2742017-05-25Permanent employmentPAR 2017/274
Postdoc2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/305
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Inorganic Aquatic Environmental Nanochemistry2017-05-23Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/256
Senior Lecturer in Nursing specialization in supervision, ref nr PAR 2017/2732017-05-25Permanent employmentPAR 2017/273
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Heritage Conservation with specialization in cultural heritage, conflict and urbanization, Dnr PAR 2017/2412017-05-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/241
Senior Lecturer in Nursing, referens number: PAR 2017/962017-06-01Permanent employmentPAR 2017/96
Research Assistant2017-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/175
Postdoctoral fellow in Mucus and goblet cells2017-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/97
Doctoral studentship position, one or several, in Computational Linguistics2017-06-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/59

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