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Professor in Marine Governance Law

Type of employment: Permanent post
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Law, Göteborg
First day of employment: After agreement
Reference number: PER 2014/85

Subject area

Marine Governance Law

Specific subject description

The University of Gothenburg and its School of Business, Economics and Law, with the Department of Law, have for a long time had the sea and navigation as a specific orientation. Starting in the 1960s research and teaching within the subject maritime and transportation law expanded and gained particular strength. During the last two decades this field of interest has been supplemented by expanding research and teaching in environmental law specifically focused on coastal and marine governance. The University of Gothenburg has in its current strategic plan laid down that knowledge of the sea as a profile issue shall be a prioritized field of study. Through the Swedish Institute for Marine Environment and Gothenburg Centre for Marine Research there have been specific efforts to strengthen the cross-disciplinary collaboration in the marine knowledge field. Other expressions of this ambition are the multi-disciplinary marine research school where the four departments of the School are represented in an extensive research collaboration with other Nordic universities. In addition, the externally funded Lighthouse Project for maritime competence and research at Chalmers University of Technology and the School of Business, Economics and Law is another important building block in the creation of a strong research and teaching profile with the sea as the starting point. The University of Gothenburg also collaborates with Chalmers University of Technology and the regional administration for Västra Götaland in order to strengthen and develop maritime clusters where marine governance is included as an important component. This development is furthermore characterized by a high level of international cooperation.

The strategy of the School of Business, Economics and Law for 2012-2016 focuses on promoting economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development. Several strong research environments that relate to sustainable development are already available and an ambitious effort to integrate the sustainability issues in all educational programmes was launched during 2012. A venture within marine environment issues is a natural part of the push for sustainability. The School of Business, Economics and Law and its Department of Law have also through a number of recent strategic ventures within the area of environmental, maritime and transportation law, taken action to ensure that knowledge pertaining to the sea, its resources and industries, will evolve into one of the department's profile subjects. Through donations from Sten A Olssons Stiftelse för Forskning och Kultur (Sten A Olsson's Foundation for Research and Culture) and Carl Bennet AB, as well as a contribution from the University of Gothenburg, a new professorial chair in the subject of marine governance law at the Department of Law will now be established.
The holder of this chair is expected to take up leadership responsibility for a complete research environment with doctoral students and research fellows, which will become an important component in the international research community and a strong complement to the already strong marine research environment at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

Through the announcement of a professorship in marine governance law, the School of Business, Economics and Law wants to lay the ground for the development of new, urgent legal research within the marine field. There is a stated need to investigate how various legal aspects of issues that pertain to planning, administration, steering and institutional structures interact with the major societal challenges that can be connected with the sea and the maritime environment. The new research field is presumed to become an integrated part of the already existing research environment at The School of Business, Economics and Law. The prerequisites for the new research field are moreover favoured by the fact that the School of Business, Economics and Law harbours internationally prominent research within bu

Job assignments

The main responsibilities for the future holder of the professorial chair are:Responsibility for building a research environment in the field of marine governance law and for ensuring continued long-term funding.

Responsibility as a research manager to develop the research field marine governance law, partly through own research, partly through research tutoring.

Responsibility for developing English-speaking courses at postgraduate level in collaboration with other groups of researchers at the School of Business, Economics and Law and at other faculties at the university.

Responsibility for developing multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary courses and research projects within the own research field, within legal science and in collaboration with representatives of other scientific disciplines within the marine and maritime field, develop multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary courses and research projects.


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance shall be qualified for employment as a professor. A general eligibility requirement is the ability to cooperate as well as other ability and suitability that is necessary in order to carry out the job assignments well.


The assessment criteria for appointment as a professor shall be the degree of such expertise required as a qualification for employment. In assessing research expertise particular weight will be placed on merits in relevant and strategically important research areas (for example law of the sea, maritime law and marine environmental law) as well as documented experience of propelling and managing international, preferably multi-disciplinary, research environments. Candidates shall also be able to demonstrate documented experience of ensuring externally financed research projects.

The pedagogical skills shall have been demonstrated through teaching and leadership at both graduate level (Masters' level) and doctoral level. The expertise shall be well documented in a way that enables an assessment of the quality of the pedagogical activity. The candidate shall have solid experience from tutoring of doctoral students, and planning and management of research activity in established research environments.

Pertaining to other expertise, it is meritorious, aside from administrative skills acquired within the academy, to have experience from international academic environments.

We desire that the person appointed shall be able to contribute both to research and education, as well as having the personal qualities required for collaboration with persons both internally and externally, in order to drive the department's development forward. In assessing this, we will also consider the candidate's ambition to be present at the workplace as well as his or her cooperative ability in general.

During the recruitment process, the candidates may be asked to give sample lectures, attend interviews as well as to provide references.

The university will make an overall assessment of the applicants' competence and skills in order to appoint the candidate who is deemed to have the best qualities to carry out and develop the duties described above and thus contribute to a positive development of the department’s activities.

Additional information

Questions concerning the application procedure, can be answered by Human Resources Officer, Anna Wahle, email: anna.wahle@law.gu.se

Information about guest housing and the city of Gothenburg is provided by the University’s Guest Services www.gu.se/english/guestservices/

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Appointment Procedure

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PER 2014/85

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