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Digital Media at the University of Gothenburg

The Unit for Digital Media works in four different areas:

  • University TV - TV-production
  • Courses for university faculty and staff in making TV stories
  • TV in higher education
  • Commissions

Digital media produces TV-programmes and stories about science and research. We cooperate with Swedish public service television. The programmes are being broadcast by UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) in both SVT and the Knowledge Channel.

There are more than 1000 stories about science and research in our database, easily accessible on the Internet.

We arrange courses for faculty and staff at the University of Gothenburg and its associates in how to produce stories on scientific topics and we produce video reportages for a number of educational programmes at the University of Gothenburg.

We also film lectures for streaming video and produce documentaries.

The editorial staff consists of journalists.

Digital Media is a unit at the University of Gothenburg.

Universitets-tv.  Foto: Eva Stööp.

Contact Information

Erik Lundberg

Digital Media / University-TV, University of Gothenburg, Box 100, SE 405 30 Gothenburg

Visiting Address:
Medicinaregatan 20 A

+46 (0)31 786 2976

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